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Snowblind by Christopher Golden



Reading this book during a stormy night certainly does make for atmospheric reading! Two of my favourite things in one place - snow and suspense/horror.


Not gory or heavy but a good one t

hat creeps up on you.


What’s it about in a nutshell? A small town with a tight knit community used to harsh winters until the Big Storm. Heck there were some real nasty things happening out there. Things that left everyone edgy as anything when winter storms come in case another one ‘like that one’ happens again. During the 12 years that passes the relatives of the dead try to rebuild their lives. Then along comes another big storm and their fears are realised.


I love how this story is not rushed, spreading slowly, gathering momentum like a snowball being rolled up a hill, and when it gets to the top; there is one heck of a ‘snowman’.


Golden introduces the characters in a way that allows us to get to know them as people. I felt a sympathetic connection when the horror starts, really I did. Even for the characters may be a bit mean, and a sense of community always makes more of a good story than simple facts.


The blurb describes Snowblind as being in the same vein as a 'King' novel, and I would agree with that.


I love my horror’s to be intermeshed throughout with characters that are linked and Golden does just that. When the children are no longer who they are, and adults who act like children the spookiness just gets darker. Families get torn apart, some drawn together but nothing is quite so simple as it seems.


There is just the right mix of wonderfully delicate snow and brutal blizzards that kill, I felt chilled as I read all cosied up under a blanket, with just a quick glance out of the window…just checking.


This is a well written novel and and author who I shall be looking out for in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and recommend it to those discerning readers who love a 'King-esq' horror.