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Hail Storme by W.L. Ripley

— feeling amazing

Cowboy boots, cigars, guns, humour and excitement – what more can I say. Oh yes, this author is at the top of my favourite list! 


I just love this series and they just get better! This is the first in the series of Wyatt Storme and Chick D Easton who are the most likeable pair of tough guys ever.

The book just oozes with testosterone in a good way, just breathe it in girls! Wyatt Storme ex vet and former pro football player of some note:

“I pushed my cart. Somehow it’s difficult to feel supremely manly while pushing a shopping cart. But I though manly thoughts."

Wyatt meets Chick, ex spook, in this book and they form a friendship that melds together like a comedy duo with weapons. These two just can't walk away from trouble, you know if there is injustice, Storme and Easton will be ahead of every man to sort it out.

"You don't like what happened to the sheriff. Wanna do something about it, like you were the Lone Ranger or something.”

Notice that Wyatt makes a statement not ask a question.  Way to go cowboys!

Every word that Ripley give us is exceptionally placed telling a story, describing a character, and building excitement. The humour throughout this book is wonderful, and enhances the story without diminishing the seriousness of it. Nothing is superfluous. I love this line as it is equally important within the plot as any other:

"She walked in the leggy way tall women have. She was tightly muscled and firm like a dancer or a swimmer. She might require further investigation. She was suspiciously beautiful. Maybe I could set up a second appointment, come an hour early. Keep an eye on her. Surveillance was important.”

There doesn't seem any real reason why these two should get involved in something as deep and nasty as this, other than bravado and adventure.

It is such an exciting plot that I could not put the book down and sat up till late reading till I finished it.  Boy it is good!

I will end with a description that surely is current in any city around the world today:

“Downtown Paradise was almost gone. Drained of its life by shopping malls, corporate discount chain stores, dual-lane highways, and recession. No jobs and few businesses. The American Dream. Gone without leaving a high-water mark on the buildings. Mortgaged tomorrows for today. Then tomorrow came.”


Many Many thanks to the publisher via NetGalley for a copy of this book for an honest review.